Free Plan
Metro Retro's Free plan is great to get started collaborating with your team immediately.
You get all the features, tools, and templates to run great meetings, and have unlimited members, workspaces, and boards.
The Free Plan is limited in just two ways: total number of board objects and account security.

Free Plan Limits

There are two limits to the Free Plan:

1. Number of Board Objects

You are limited by a total number of 3000 board objects across all your boards in the Free Plan.
Board objects are anything you put on a board - sticky notes, images, text, tokens, index cards, shapes, zones.
Your limit and current object count will be shown in the header of workspaces and boards. The object count updates in real-time.
When you hit the object limit you cannot add any more to your boards. You can either delete old board objects, or upgrade to a paid plan for unlimited collaboration.

2. Account Privacy & Security

Under the Free Plan, any person is able to join your Organization if they are provided a link to a board or workspace.
The links are not indexable, available to search engines, or published publicly, but anyone with a link can access and join your Organization space.
You can upgrade to a paid plan to set security and permissions - for example, only allow access to people logged in with your organization's email domain.
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Free Plan Limits