What is new in v2?

Metro Retro has evolved...

The new Metro Retro is your perfect team collaboration tool. You can:
  • Run all your workshops and meetings, not just retros.
  • Use new tools for engaging collaboration
  • Organize your boards in a secure team dashboard.

What's New?

  • Facilitator controls
  • New and upgraded tools
  • Huge upgrades to layout customization
  • Company space with team workspaces​
  • Lots of other very cool stuff

v2 is a different App

v2 is a complete overhaul of Metro Retro. Although they may appear similar, v1 and v2 are separate applications. You can however import your v1 boards to your v2 workspace.

Import v1 boards to v2 for a seamless switch:

Import v1 boards to v2

An improved template system

There is a new template system for a variety of workshops and meetings.
Laying out custom templates is easier - you can now drag & drop images, create shapes and arrows with layer management, rotation, sizing, styles and nesting.

New tools and ways to run meetings

Probably the best updates to Metro Retro - the new tools are designed for creativity and collaboration. Look out for the tokens - a new unique tool in Metro Retro!

Your New Dashboard

Your boards are now stored in secure team Workspaces, with folders and sorting/filtering.
Your dashboard also shows you who is online right now and which boards are currently Live.
v2 has upgraded security and access options - SSO, Access Permissions & Invite Approvals.
Your Account:
You use the same login details for both v1 and v2.
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