Inviting others to your boards
Your boards can be shared with anyone, but they must first be a member of your Organization Account. If you share a board link with someone who is not a member of the Organization Account, they will be invited to the Account as part of the invite process.
There are three ways to grant access to your boards:
Share your board URL with others. The first time someone accesses one of your board links, they will need to request access to the Account. If their email address is not in your trusted domains, then this will send an email to Admins to approve or deny the invite.
You can set up auto-join for trusted domains πŸ‘‡ to skip this request process.

2. Set up auto-join for your domain.

Setting up auto-join for your domain(s) will grant automatic access to the Account for everyone with your company email address. This can be done in the Security and Login section of the Admin area.
Set up Auto-join for trusted email domains
Simply enter your company email domain(s) and Save, then when anyone with that email address gets a link to a board, they will be automatically added to the team.

3. Invite people to a workspace

You can invite your team to a workspace, giving them access to all boards inside the workspace, and allowing them to create their own boards.
If you have multiple teams or will work with a team regularly, this is the best option.

Invite by email

All users can invite people to a workspace by email:
Anyone can invite others to a workspace
If the Organization Account has strict Access rules, Admins may be required to approve the invite before it is sent out. Read more about invite approvals here.
Admins can generate an invite link for a workspace from within the People Management section of the Admin tools.
See how to set up a workspace at: How to set up your space and invite your team​
There are no guest users yet (this is in progress), so note that all board visitors will be added to the Account as regular users.
if you share a board link with others, one of the following will happen:
  1. 1.
    If they are already in the Account and a member of the workspace, they will go direct to the board. Yay πŸ₯³
  2. 2.
    If they are a member of the Account, but the board is in a private workspace, they will see a message like this, and will need to 'knock' to gain access:
3. If they are not already in the Account, and their email login is not whitelisted in your Admin settings, then they will need to request access to the Account first πŸ‘‡
This will send an email to the Admins, and they can approve or deny the request to join the Account.
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