Boards in a Workspace


Boards are stored in workspaces, and you may choose to further organise them in folders.

Who can access my board?

Everyone in a workspace automatically has access to its boards. Other people must ask for access to the board.
Future developments include:
  • Guest access
  • Board passwords
  • Board Creator / Host specific permissions

What can I do with a board?

Everyone in a workspace can rename, move, clone and delete boards.

Create a board

Move Board

Boards can be moved to any other workspace or folder that you have access to.
Moving a board to another Workspace

Clone Board

Cloning a board duplicates the board and all its content. This is useful when you want to re-use a template board multiple times.
Cloning a board

Rename Board

You can re-name boards from inside the board, or from the workspace.

Delete a Board

Anyone in a workspace can delete a board. Deleting boards is permanent.