Billing & Subscription

Your plan, subscription, and payment details can be managed in the Admin panel.

Only people with the Owner role can access Billing management.

Details of the plans can be found here.

In Billing Management, you can:

  • See your current Plan

  • Start a trial of a paid Plan

  • Upgrade your Plan

  • Manage your subscription and payment details

  • View historic and upcoming payments

  • View audit log of billing events

Start a Trial

You can start a 30 day free trial, which unlocks:

  1. Unlimited active boards for all members.

  2. Free guests: invite external guests to your boards, no sign-up required.

  3. Private boards, workspaces & folders.

  4. Security & access controls.

  5. Advanced Meeting functionality: Anonymous mode, Participant management, Polls & more.

  6. Custom Template Library.

  • Once your trial expires your organization will be downgraded to the Free plan. The four active boards limit will be reinstated.

  • You can only start a trial once per Account.

  • You can upgrade at any time while in the trial.

Upgrade Your Plan

You can upgrade to a paid plan to unlock unlimited board objects and security options for your organization. You can upgrade your plan from Billing Management ⧉ in your Admin panel.

Your subscription is calculated from the number of people in your space. Before upgrading, review your members in People Management ⧉.

You can exclude people from the billing calculation by designating them the Guest role.

How To Upgrade

  1. Go to Billing Management ⧉ in the Admin panel. (You must be an 'Owner' role to do this).

  2. Choose your plan and billing schedule (monthly / annual).

  3. If you select annual, choose your seat total.

  4. Review the Plan summary.

  5. Confirm the email address to receive billing communication (they will receive billing notifications and invoices)

  6. Enter your payment details.

  7. Once the payment is confirmed, your organization space will be upgraded. You may need to refresh to see the changes.

  8. You will receive a confirmation email and invoice receipt to the supplied email address.

Our order process is conducted by our online reseller is the Merchant of Record for all our orders. These are the supported payment cards:

  • Mastercard

  • Visa

  • Maestro

  • American Express

  • Discover

  • Diners Club

  • JCB

  • UnionPay

  • Mada

If you wish to pay by invoice, please contact us:

Managing your Plan

Both monthly and annual subscriptions are calculated from the number of members in your organization.

You have controls to set limits on your team numbers:

  1. Set a Seat Limit

  2. Designate people the free Guest role

If you have any questions about your Plan, please use the support chat or email us.

Managing billing for monthly subscriptions

Monthly plans are "flex" plans. As you add or remove people from your organization, your subscription will be updated pro-rata to reflect the changes. Your next monthly bill will reflect the changes.

Set a Seat Limit to cap billing

You can apply a "seat limit" in the subscription settings to cap your flex allocation from going too high (and costing over your budget). The Seat Limit is optional, and can be changed or removed at any time.

Exceeding the Seat Limit

If you exceed the seat limit, new people can still join the organization but are automatically assigned to the Guest role. This is a limited role that is free of charge, so they aren’t included in your billing.

People with the Guest role can participate on boards they are invited to, but they cannot create boards, view the team space, or run meetings.

Guests can be upgraded to team members in People Management if there are seats available. You can have any number of Guests in your Organization, but depending on your plan you may have a limit of guests on a single board.

Managing billing for Annual subscriptions

When setting up an Annual Plan you choose the number of seats up front and this is how much you are billed for the year.

Add additional seats to Annual Plan

You can add additional seats to your Plan at any time in Billing Management. You will be billed immediately for the new seats, the amount is calculated pro-rata on the time remaining in your Plan.

You cannot decrease the seats on an annual plan, but you can free up seats by removing old team members or setting people to the (free) Guest role.

Cancel your Plan

You can cancel your plan at any time. Your organization will remain on the paid plan until the end of your current billing period, then will be downgraded to the Free Plan.

To cancel your Plan, follow these steps:

  1. In the Settings, choose 'Cancel Subscription'.

  2. Confirm cancellation

  3. Return to your Billing Settings. You may need to refresh to see the updates.

  4. You can see the date that your Organization will be downgraded to the Free Plan.

Note - once your organization is on the Free plan, there will be limits on your usage and security options.

What happens when you cancel

  • Your boards will lose their privacy settings and revert to "open to anyone with the link".

  • Anyone who has a link to a board can then join the account as a team member.

  • It will not be possible for people to join your boards as a Guest - everyone must be a team member to participate on a board.

  • If you had set up integration via SSO that will no longer function as a sign-in route.

  • Access Control rules will be disabled.

  • You won't be able to create any further workspaces.

  • The four active boards limit will be reinstated across the account.

  • You will be unable to add custom boards to your Organization's Template Library.

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