Manage People
People management within Metro Retro can be found by clicking the settings icon at the bottom left of the dashboard UI and choosing People from the following menu. Only admins can access this screen.
Admins can see all people that are members of the Account and can manage their access to the Account and Workspaces.
Managing people in the Organization

Invite people to the Account

Generate an invite link to share with others, instantly adding them to the Account.
The invite link has optional time and domain security, and you can include workspace invites.

Removing people from the Organization

To remove a user from your Organization, find their user entry in the list displayed in the People Admin section, and click 'Remove Person'. This removes their access to the Organization and all content within. The workspaces, folders and boards they created will still be available for others in the Organization to use.
Removing a person from an Organization does not delete their user account. Instead they become a free version user by default, and continue to use the v1 dashboard and boards.
If a person was removed accidentally from the Organization, they can be re-added.

Appointing other Admins

Admins can promote other people in the Organization to Admin.
Admins can also demote any other Admin (including themselves) to a regular Organization Member.
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