Free Plan Changes: 26th August 2023

This page explains the changes to the Free Plan.

Our mission is to provide a state-of-the-art collaborative platform that brings teams together, making your sessions seamless, efficient, and enjoyable.

On 26th August 2023, we will be making changes to the Free Plan. These changes will not stop you from using Metro Retro, but will bring in fair limits that allow us to continue to provide a sustainable free tier to those who need it.

Free Plan Changes

From 26th August, we will be removing the “Object Limit” and replacing it with:

  1. Up to 4 active boards (other boards will become view-only)

  2. Basic meeting host controls

  3. A 50MB free storage space for images/uploads

  4. One shared team workspace: the “All Boards” view.

Will I lose access to any data?

No, everything you can access today will remain accessible, however, some boards will become view-only. If you are on a Free Plan that includes Workspaces, you will still be able to access boards from within your workspaces via the All Boards view, but the Workspaces themselves will no longer be editable.

The Changes in Detail

Four Active Boards

The object limit will be replaced by an Active Boards limit. Accounts on the Free Plan will have up to 4 Active Boards at any one time.

You can continue to create unlimited boards, but only the four most recent boards will be “Active” - meaning only these boards are editable. Non-active boards can still be opened, in a view-only state.

The Free Plan has unlimited board storage, so you can keep all the boards you have ever created or will create, but boards will automatically become read-only if they are not the 4 most recent boards.

You can clone and delete both active and non-active boards to reuse or manage them.

Basic Meeting Host Controls

Accounts on the Free Plan still get the core meeting host features that help you run great meetings & workshops, including Metro Retro’s unique Private Writing feature, as well as Design/Meeting Mode, locking board layout, and Host/Participant permissions.

The advanced Meeting Host controls are available on all paid plans. These include:

  • Meeting Timer

  • Change Participant Tools

  • Hide Identities (a.k.a Anonymous Mode)

  • Polls

  • Ready Check

  • Add more Hosts

  • "Everyone to Me"

One Team Workspace: "All Boards"

Free plans will be limited to creating boards in a single workspace that all team members can access. This is the "All Boards" view.

Any existing workspaces will be locked. Boards can no longer be added to these workspaces. Any boards that were inside the workspaces can still be accessed from your All Boards view, maintaining the same privacy and access levels as they had before the changes.

Upgrading to a paid plan will re-enable workspaces. Accounts on a paid plan can create unlimited private workspaces and folders to organize their teams & boards.

50MB Total Upload Limit

There will be a total data upload limit across all your boards of 50MB for images and GIFs that you add to your boards. If you reach this limit you will need to delete existing uploads to add more.

The Free Plan Benefits

The Free Plan continues to have lots of amazing & useful features to help you run any kind of meeting, from brainstorms & planning to retros & reviews.

  • All collaboration tools including sticky notes, images, voting, topics, drawing, and more.

  • Private Writing

  • All our professionally-designed templates

  • Unlimited board storage

  • Unlimited team members

  • Unlimited board viewers

  • "Lock Layout" to prevent accidental editing by participants

  • Design & Meeting modes

  • Meeting Host & Participant roles & permissions

  • Time Machine to replay the board history and recover deleted content

Talk To Us

If you need more time or want to ask us any questions, use the support chat in your dashboard or email us

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