Plans Overview

Metro Retro now comes with subscription plans to match your collaboration needs. For full details of each plan see the Pricing page:
Free Plan
The Free plan is perfect for getting started with Metro Retro. Simply create a team space to start on the Free plan.
Team Plan
The Team plan is great for teams and organizations who want dedicated spaces for their meetings and workshops. The Team plan enables unlimited use, advanced features & better security.
Host Plan
The Host plan is perfect for individuals, like consultants, who run meetings and workshops with varying groups and numbers of people. You are only charged for the Hosts, and can invite unlimited Guests to your boards.
Enterprise Plan
If you have custom requirements, talk to us about the Enterprise plan.
If you want to manage your current Plan, see the Billing management help.

Free Plan

Metro Retro's Free Plan is completely free, no charge, gratis.
You can invite up to 30 team members, get basic facilitator controls, and are limited by the number of total items you can create on your boards. People must join your Account as a team member in order to collaborate on a board.
The Free Plan doesn't have the security & privacy controls of the paid plans.
You can upgrade your plan at any time to remove the object limits, get advanced features and enable security & privacy options for your organization.

Team Plan - Early Adopter

$6 per team member, per month
The Team Plan is for teams that want unlimited collaboration, advanced features, plus better security & privacy controls for workspaces and boards.

Host Plan

$25 per Host, per month
The Host Plan is ideal for consultants, freelancers, coaches, or trainers who work with varying groups of people, and use Metro Retro to run meetings or workshops.

Enterprise Plan

$12 per team member, per month
The Enterprise Plan enables custom contracts, custom payment methods, personal onboarding from the Metro Retro Founders and priority support. Please email [email protected] to apply for the Enterprise Plan.


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