Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise plan is for those with custom requirements and payment methods.

Enterprise Plan Pricing

Monthly subscription: $12 / month / member
Annual subscription: $120 / year / member
The Enterprise Plan starts at 20 members.

Who Do I Pay For?

You are charged for each person in your organization space. This means all team members, Admins and Owners.
Each team member, Admin and Owner has full functionality - they can create workspaces and boards, run meetings, and use all tools and templates.
Viewers and guests are free
You can have unlimited 'Viewers' free of charge. These read-only users can view boards, but not participate. Viewers do not count toward your subscription.
You get a free allocation of guests on every board. The more team members you have, the higher your guest allocation. Guests are temporary users that have editing rights on a single board. Guests do not login or join your team, so do not count toward your subscription total.

Subscription details

The subscription is tied to your organization space, not an specific user. When you choose the Enterprise plan all members in your space are upgraded. You will be charged for each member in your organization space.
You can cancel your subscription at any time and won't lose access to any of the boards you've created. You will keep your plan benefits until the end of the current billing period. Once your subscription ends your space will be reverted to the Free plan.
If you are over the maximum object limit when your space is downgraded you will need to delete board objects to continue collaborating.
Your Single Sign On access will be disabled when your Organization is downgraded to the Free Plan.