Host Plan

The Host Plan is ideal for consultants, freelancers, coaches or trainers who run meetings & workshops with groups of varying individuals. You only include the Hosts in your billing, and get unlimited free Guests.
Anyone you add to your team space automatically becomes a Host. They can create boards and have access to the dashboard and workspaces, and are included in your billing calculations.
Your participants do not join the team space, but join your boards as free Guests. A Guest is a temporary role that does not require a Metro Retro account to access a board.
The Host plan includes unlimited free Guests.

How to invite guests to a board on Host plan

Guests do not need to signup or login to participate on your boards, and their access to a board is temporary.
When your participants visit the board link you share with them, they choose the 'Continue as Guest' option and then request access to collaborate on the board. You must be on the board at the same time to grant them access.
A guest has access to a board for 24 hours, after which they must request access again. You can add or remove guests at any time.
Guests can only view the boards you share with them, they cannot access the team space or other boards.
See more details on guests and inviting people.

Host Plan Pricing

The Host plan is $25 per Host per month, or $250 per Host per year (before VAT / sales tax).