Get Started with Metro Retro

Quick Start Basics

Step 1. Create your account.

Step 2. Create a board using one of the pre-set templates, or start with a blank board.

Step 3. Collaborate: invite others to your board by simply sharing the board URL with them.

Step 4. Enter Meeting Mode to enable private writing and the other meeting tools.

Dashboard Basics

The Dashboard is where your boards are stored. From here you can:

  • create a new board

  • open, clone, delete previous boards

  • invite team members

  • Manage admin settings

  • Change your personal preferences

  • Access help and tutorials

For an in-depth overview, check out the Dashboard article.

Creating Your First Board

You can create a board using one of Metro Retro's in-built templates, or start from scratch with a blank board. When you create the board you will start in Design Mode, which gives you the tools to build and edit your board layout.

Everything on your board is editable and can be locked or unlocked.

Board Basics

  • Zoom in and out with your mouse wheel or trackpad. If this is not working as you expect, change your Mouse settings in the Preferences.

  • Move around the board by clicking and holding the left mouse button down, to pan around the screen. Or you can hold the spacebar and click and drag to pan around.

  • Double-click anywhere to create a sticky note and write inside it.

  • Use the left toolbar to create objects - sticky notes, index cards, topics, voting, reaction tool, marker pen, tokens, and comments.

  • Use the "Gestures" tools at the bottom of the left toolbar to present, orient and guide people around the board.

Share Your Board

Simply share your board URL with others to invite them to your board. Once they join the board you will see their avatar moving around the board in real-time!

Use Meeting Mode When Collaborating

Enter Meeting Mode to switch to the collaboration tools (you will see the left toolbar update) and enable Private Writing. You become the Meeting Host and get access to the Host toolset including a Timer, Polls, Anonymous Mode, and Ready Check. Everyone else is designated as a participant.

The Meeting Host can switch back to Design mode at any time to edit the board layout. Participants will stay in Meeting mode:

Ending a Session

At the end of the session, you can export data from your board to CSV or html table format to use in your favorite backlog tool or Wiki. (Image exports and integrations coming soon!)

Your boards are stored in your dashboard indefinitely, they do not expire or auto-delete.

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