Manage Workspaces

Workspace management within Metro Retro can be found by clicking the settings icon at the bottom left of the dashboard UI and choosing Workspaces from the following menu. Only admins can access this screen.

Admins can see a list of all Workspaces in the Organization, and can manage them. They cannot see the content of Workspaces unless they join them.

Creating a Workspace

Admins can create Workspaces, giving them a name and setting the privacy, and can optionally add themselves as a Workspace member (or not).

Editing a Workspace’s properties

An Admin can change a Workspace’s privacy setting.

Adding people to workspaces

An Admin can add any Account member to a Workspace, even private workspaces.

Removing people from workspaces

An Admin can remove an Organization member from a Workspace, even private workspaces.

Workspaces can have zero members.

Deleting a Workspace

An Admin can delete a workspace. The workspace will be removed from the Organization. All boards will be archived, and the folders will be deleted.

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