Security, Logins, SSO

All Organization members can access and participate on boards, as well as create their own workspaces and boards.

Organizations on a paid plan can:

  • restrict who can become a team member by using domain-based access control & approval mechanisms.

  • Setup Single Sign-on (SSO)

  • Invite Guests (external collaborators) to their board. Guest accesss is restricted to just the board shared with them.

Note for Free Plans

Guest support and Account security controls are premium features and therefore not available to accounts on our Free Plan. Boards created under Free will be always open to anyone who has the board link, as they were in Metro Retro V1.

In addition, anyone that joins a board or a workspace on a Free plan becomes a full team member of the Organization.

They can then view and edit all boards, create their own workspaces and boards, and invite others to the organization space.

Under Paid Plans, you are able to restrict access to the organization and set joining rules with the Access Control setting (see below 👇), or through integration with your Single Sign On provider - available on the Early Adopter or Enterprise Plan.

Access Control

You can control who has access to your Organization with Access Control.

Simply add your Organization domain(s) to Access Control to allow automatic access to anyone logging in with email addresses from your domain(s).

Tip - Enter *@* in the Access Control setting to allow anyone into your space.

The star acts as a wildcard, so it is enabling access for anyone @ any domain.

If you do not whitelist any domains, when you share a link with others for the first time, they will need to request to join the organization.

When they request access all Admins will receive an email, from which they can approve or reject that person's entry as a team member.


Please see the next page for the SSO details.

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