Collaboration tips

Participant list

You can view everyone on the board in the participant list:
Board participants

'Follow' - automatically follow someone else

You can follow anyone on the board. Click their disc in the header, or find them in the participant list and click โ€˜Followโ€™.
Your camera will follow theirs as they move around the board and zoom in and out.
You can still use all the tools as you are following them.
Click โ€˜stop followingโ€™ to finish following that person.
The person you follow can see you are following.


Highlight people' content and votes with the Spotlight. This is useful when sharing screens.
Spotlight... spotlights stuff!
Select a name in the participant list, and select the Spotlight option.
You can switch between people with the left and right arrows in the Spotlight menu. Only you can see your Spotlight.

Look here! Draw attention with pointers

This is one of our favorites - it's SO useful.
Press the Tab key to drop a โ€˜Look Hereโ€™ arrow. Anyone can do this at any time.
The arrow stays on screen and will disappears automatically after a few seconds.
Hold the Tab key down and drag the mouse to create a highlighted area.
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