Collaboration tips

You can view everyone on the board in the participant list on the right-hand side of the board.

You can follow anyone on the board. Click their disc in the participant list and click ‘Follow’.

  • Your view will mirror theirs as they move around the board and zoom in and out.

  • The person you follow is informed that you are following them.

  • You can still use all your tools while following someone.

  • Click ‘Stop Following’ to finish following that person.


Highlight people's content and votes with the Spotlight. Click on a person in the participant list to find the Spotlight option.

  • You can highlight objects or votes.

  • You can switch between people with the left and right arrows in the Spotlight menu.

  • Other people on the board cannot see your spotlight

This is one of our favorites - it's great for pointing to a place on the board.

  • Press the Tab key to drop a ‘Look Here’ arrow. The arrow stays on screen and will disappear automatically after a few seconds.

  • Hold the Tab key down and drag the mouse to create a highlighted area.

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