Facilitation tools
The meeting facilitation tools are key to using v2, so take some time to get to know them. If you use nothing else, this is how you enable private writing!

Facilitator controls

You must start a meeting (see below πŸ‘‡) to become the board facilitator. As a facilitator, you can:
  • Turn on retrospective mode for private sticky notes.
  • Decide which tools your participants get (you could switch off confetti, but your popularity may plummet!)
  • Prevent participants from changing the board layout.
  • Set a timer.
  • Add different meeting phases.
  • Pause the meeting (this sets the board to read-only - good for a coffee break, or when presenting).
  • Add co-facilitators.
  • End the meeting.

How to start a Meeting

Start a meeting from the button above the toolbar.
Choose Freestyle Meeting to initiate a instant meeting with private sticky notes and simple collaboration tools.
Choose Structured Meeting to plan your phases and tools ahead of the meeting. For example - create a retro with an icebreaker, main retro, and closing activity. You can set different active tools (sticky notes, confetti, voting) for each phase.
Start a meeting to get the retrospective mode and facilitator controls
Choose Freestyle Meeting to get going immediately with retrospective mode
Everyone sees the announcement message.
The facilitator controls are accessed by clicking on the Meeting name.
Choose which tools everyone can use
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