How to hide sticky notes

How to enable private writing in Metro Retro
Private Writing allows you to write your stickies in private, without anyone seeing what you are writing. You can write and edit your sticky notes as you need, then only reveal your stickies when you want to.

Start Meeting Mode to enable Private Writing

You must start Meeting Mode on a board to enable Private Writing. Choose Freestyle mode to get started quickly.
Enable private sticky note writing by entering Meeting mode
When Meeting mode is on, everyone on the board can write sticky notes in private, and choose to reveal their stickies when they want:
Use the 'Show All' button to reveal or hide your stickies
How private sticky notes look to other people:
Private sticky notes are obscured until revealed
You can reveal individual sticky notes one by one, by clicking the icon at the top of your sticky notes:
Reveal your stickies one by one
Private Writing can be disabled for everyone by the Facilitator from the meeting controls at the top of the board:
The meeting leader can turn turn private writing on and off at any time in Meeting mode.
You then also get access to a set of meeting controls, like the Timer, Polls, Ready Check, Tool Selection, and Anonymous mode.