Locking the layout

Locking the board layout

Lock elements to prevent accidental edits.
In Metro Retro v1, there is a small chance that participants could accidentally change board layouts if they entered Build mode and selected the layout.
In Metro Retro v2, you can directly lock & unlock the elements on a board. This will:
  • prevent participants from accidentally editing the board layout elements
  • helps you manage more complex layouts

What can I lock?

You can lock anything on a board if you right-click on it and choose lock from the menu, however these layout elements are the most likely objects you'll want to lock:
  • Zones
  • Shapes
  • Images
  • Text

How to lock objects

Lock an object by clicking on it, selecting the lock option in the floating menu bar that appears above it. You can unlock by clicking the padlock again:
Use the lock option in the menu

Lock layout

This is a really useful command, which will lock all 'layout' objects - text, zones, shapes and images. Right-click anywhere on the board background to see this option:
Using Lock Layout saves a lot of time!
Tip - To select multiple locked objects hold down the Shift and Alt keys, then click and drag to create a selection net around the objects. You can then move, re-size or rotate these objects. You can select both locked and non-locked objects together this way.
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