Share your board
Sharing & inviting collaborators
You can share your boards securely with anyone inside and outside your organization, giving them the appropriate permissions for their access level.
Your boards can be shared instantly with your team members, and accounts on a paid plan can invite external people as guests.

How to share your board

Choose your sharing setting in the Share button, then share the board link with your participants.
You can choose from three levels of sharing options, meaning you can protect the board from being viewed by people outside your workspace or organization, or you can make the board visible to anyone with the link - they do not need to sign in to view the board.
Share settings for a board

Who can I share with?

There are three different groups of people you can share a board with - each with a different level of security & access:
  1. 1.
    Workspace members
  2. 2.
    Organization members
  3. 3.
    External collaborators (anonymous viewers and guests)
Workspace and Organization members can participate on the board immediately - see how to create a workspace for your team.
If you share a board link with someone who is not a member of your organization space, they can either sign up to join as a team member, or use a Guest login to access the board temporarily.

Sharing options

The Sharing options on a board are:
Allow board to be viewed by...
  1. 1.
    only members with workspace access
  2. 2.
    all members of [your organization]
  3. 3.
    anyone with the link

Options 1 & 2: Sharing with workspace / organization

The first two settings are for sharing a board with your team members. They also protect the board from being viewed by anyone that isn't a member of the workspace or organization. Someone trying to access a protected board will need to sign in as a team member or guest to get access:
A protected board cannot be viewed by anonymous users

Option 3 - Making a board visible to anyone

The last setting: β€œAllow board to be viewed by: anyone with the link” allows anyone with the link to visit the board in a read-only state, as an anonymous viewer. An anonymous viewer can choose to sign in as a team member or a Guest to participate on the board.
As a team member, you can see how many anonymous viewers are on the board at any given time:
Anonymous viewers are displayed on the right
Anonymous viewers cannot interact with the board, they get a read-only view with no tools:
Anonymous viewers get a read-only view - they must sign in to participate

Granting access to visitors

A visitor who wants to participate on a board but is not a member of the workspace will have to request permission the first time they visit (this is also the case for anyone visiting a private board):
Non-workspace members must request permission to participate
A workspace member must be on the board to grant participation rights to the visitor (or deny access). A notification will alert them to a visitor requesting access:
Workspace members can allow or deny access to visitors


External collaborators can ask to participate on a board as a "Guest" - this allows you to work securely with people outside your organization, such as clients, partners, and external contractors.
Guests can provide a name before joining your board

How to share with Guests

  1. 1.
    Share your board link with the external collaborator. Depending on your sharing settings (see the top of this page πŸ‘†) the board will be visible or protected.
  2. 2.
    They can then choose to join the board as a Guest. They will be asked to provide a name.
  3. 3.
    You will get a notification on the board that someone is waiting to join - you need to click 'Allow'.
  4. 4.
    They will join the board as a participant, and can use all the tools like a regular member.

What can Guests do?

Guests have the same editing rights as a board participant - so can use all tools, sticky notes, groups, images etc.
Guests cannot:
  • Create boards
  • Start, edit or run a meeting
  • Use Facilitator tools
  • Change the Sharing settings
  • Manage access of other Guests
  • See the organization dashboard or workspaces
A guest login is designed for temporary sharing, but the Guest profile is saved as a cookie on the user's device, meaning they can use the same guest profile across multiple boards and sessions within an organization while the cookie is saved on that device.
Guests must always request permission in order to participate on a board, and a member of the workspace must be on the board to grant them permission.
A Guest’s access to a board lasts 24 hours, after which they must request to join again. Any workspace member can remove a guest's access.
Guests only have access to the board that is shared with them - they cannot access your workspaces or dashboard.

Managing Guests

Guests are free of charge and are available on the Team, Enterprise, and Consultant plans. They are not available on the Free plan.
Your organization gets an allocation of guest slots per board that scales with your team size.
For example, an organization with 10 members can have up to 3 guests on each board, and an organization with 50 members can have up to 7 guests per board:
This organization have 9 guest slots per board
If you want to add more guests to a board but the Guest slots are all taken, then you will need to remove existing Guests to grant access to new Guests.
You can remove Guests from a board at any time through the 'Manage Access' option, available in the Share settings of a board:
See who has access to the board and remove Guests

Changing a Guest's name

A guest can change their own name on the Account page. They can navigate there by clicking the Metro Retro logo in the top left, then clicking 'Account'. You cannot change a guest's name for them.

Sharing a board on the Free plan

Guest support and board privacy are premium features and not available to organizations on the Free Plan. Boards created under the Free plan will be always open to anyone who has the board link, as they were in Metro Retro V1.
Boards on a Free plan can be viewed by anyone, in a read-only state. In order to participate on a board, viewers must sign in to the organization as a team member. This also gives them access to all workspaces in your organization, and they can create their own boards.
Upgrade to a paid plan to get access to guests and security features for your boards. Security features include sharing options, access controls to restrict who can join the organization, and / or integration with your single sign-on (SSO).