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The Tools

Metro Retro's tools are designed for productivity, interaction, and fun!
All the new tools!

Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are the main object you'll use in Metro Retro. Double click anywhere on the board to create a sticky note, or use the toolbar to change the colour.
Each person has a different handwriting, hover over each sticky note to see who wrote it.
Sticky notes can be made private if a Meeting is enabled.

Index Cards

These are just like real-life Index cards. Use these to write more detail than would fit on a sticky note. You can also stamp reactions, draw and vote on Index cards.

Topic Tool

The Group Tool has been renamed to the Topic tool. It's now easier to use.
You can use the Voting tool to vote on topics, as well as individual sticky notes.


Tokens look similar to poker chips. You can write in them, stamp reactions and there are nearly 50 custom emojis to discover. For example, try writing <:-p in a token 🥳
You can use Tokens in a range of templates - icebreakers, estimation, team health checks, planning poker, workshops and more.
Use tokens for a range of purposes

Zone Tool

Zones are the primary tool for laying out your board sections for sticky notes. Zones have a title and an emoji, and can be any size.
Zones can dictate the color of sticky notes inside them.
Click on the title or the edge of a zone to select it.
NEW - You can also set a zone to not over-ride the color of the sticky notes it contains

Shape Tool

You can add shapes to your board, with a range of styles.


You can add arrows as shapes to your boards. They can be found in the shape menu.

Image Tool

Use the image tool to search for, and add images to your board.
(Tip: You can also copy & paste or drag & drop images from anywhere)

Confetti Tool

No explanation needed, try it once and you'll keep firing away!

Reaction Tool

Reaction emojis can be stamped on sticky notes, index cards and tokens.

Voting Tool

You can now vote on index cards as well as sticky notes and groups.
Note - Anyone can start and delete a voting round.
Sometimes a team member can start a voting round accidentally. If this occurs, it freezes the previous round's votes for everyone. You can undo this by either deleting the voting round, or having the person press the undo button (Ctrl +z).

Marker pen

Draw on zones, shapes, sticky notes and index cards with the marker pen. It draws directly on the object. To erase pen markings, hold right-click and wipe over the markings.


Gestures are visual functions that appear above the board, but do not affect the content. They are for presenting ideas and interacting with your colleagues. There are four functions in the Gestures menu:


A ping is an arrow you drop on the board to point at something. Click once to drop a single arrow or click and drag to highlight over an area.
Off-screen pings are shown at the side of your screen. Click an on active ping to be taken to where it is pointing.

Vanishing Pen

The vanishing pen lets you draw a temporary annotation on the board. It is useful for drawing attention to items on the board without permanently drawing on them.


There may be imitations, but this is the original confetti cannon. Click and drag to aim, then release to fire confetti. We won't lie, it's kind of addictive.

Throw Hat

Pick this option to throw your hat across the board, of course. Similar to the confetti, click and drag to aim, then release to throw the hat.
Tip - in order to throw a hat you must be wearing one, so pick a hat to wear by clicking on your avatar in the top right:
Choose from a selection of hats

Keyboard shortcuts

  1. 1.
    Press the 'H' key to bring you back to the center of the board.
  2. 2.
    Press the ‘Tab’’ key to drop an arrow.
  3. 3.
    Press the 'W' key to open the Gestures menu, then press a 1-4 key to select the appropriate gesture.