Customizing the board layout

Building a layout

v2 has an upgraded editor, so there are now more ways to build custom board layouts, whether it's for unique retros or complex workshops.


Zones are the basic 'container' for sticky notes. Most of the retro templates use zones. In v2, you can choose to turn off a zone's override of sticky note colors.

Build layouts with shapes

You can use shapes to build custom layouts, or for general whiteboarding.

Text Tool

The Text tool has been improved. It is now easier to use, and has more styling options.

Add Images

You can upload images directly from your computer, or copy & paste from anywhere. You can also link to GIFs, and search through an image library (Pixabay).
Image upload options

Rotating images

Resizing and rotating images

Layout design tips

Object Nesting

Objects can now be nested inside each other. Move the parent object, everything inside it moves too. Great for more complicated layouts.

Layer Order

Bring objects to front or back of each other. Right click an object to see the menu.
You can also use the keyboard shortcuts: Shift + [ or ], or move one layer up/down with just [ and ].

Rotate objects

Rotate objects by moving your cursor just outside any corner until you see the cursor change to rotation arrows, then click and drag to rotate the object around its central axis. You can also rotate multiple selected objects in the same way. You cannot rotate sticky notes, index cards, groups or tokens.

Undo / Redo

Use Undo / Redo if you make mistakes.
You cannot undo other people's actions because each person's actions are captured separately.

Cloning objects

You can clone objects by selecting them, then press the Alt key and any direction key together.

Copy & paste

You can copy & paste an object or group of objects. The copy is placed directly on top of the original.
You can also copy & paste across boards and templates