Using v53 for Structured Meeting

The update v54 (16th May 2023) has removed Structured Meeting - if you need to use the old version to run a Structured Meeting, follow these steps.
The Structured Meeting functionality has been removed in the latest update (16th May 2023), due the changes we made to Meeting Mode. We aim to build a better version of Structured Meeting in the future - watch this space.
Until then, if you need to use Structured Meeting to run a meeting that you already have planned, we’ve provided the ability to use the old version temporarily at: Note - the v53 in the URL forces your browser to use the old version of the App.
It should be cross-compatible with anyone using the new version, however, we would advise everyone participating on the same board to use the v53 version of the link to ensure there are no issues.
You can only login to this version via Google or Email & Password only (no Slack, no Github, no LinkedIn, no SSO).
If your Organization login settings force you to use SSO, contact us and we can manually set your account to use the v53 version.
And if you wish to use the new, updated version of Metro Retro, simply return to using as normal.
Boards you create in this version and in the new version will continue to be available in your dashboard.
Disclaimer 1: We cannot guarantee there will be no issues - please contact us if you encounter any problems.
Disclaimer 2: We will keep this version available as long as possible (ideally until we release the new, improved Structured Meeting), but we reserve the right to retire this version early if needed.