Dashboard Overview

Your Dashboard

Your dashboard is an overview of your organization space in Metro Retro. It is organized into Workspaces, which are found in the left navigation panel.
Your teams and boards are grouped into Workspaces. Workspaces you belong to are displayed in the left panel. The left panel is your primary navigation between workspaces, folders and boards.
From here, you can join or create a workspace, create boards, and see your recent boards.
Navigate to different team workspaces with the left menu
  • Your user profile can only belong to one Organization currently. We will enable multi-Organization switching in the future.

Recent Boards

The Recent Boards view shows all boards you’ve accessed across all your Workspaces.
Recent Boards from all workspaces

Private Boards

Your private boards section is similar to a workspace, but only you can see it.
Boards in the private workspace can be shared with others, but the visitors must request access to edit or participate on the board.

Legacy Dashboard

The Legacy Dashboard link takes you back to v1 - the first version of Metro Retro, which you can use until we launch v2 officially. We will retire v1 as part of the v2 launch.

Template Library

Any boards placed in the Template Library will be available to anyone in the Organization to use as a custom template when they create a board.

Live Now

The Live Now view shows you team members online now, and 'Live' boards from public workspaces and the workspaces you belong to.


Workspaces are how you organize your teams and boards. They can be open (public) or hidden (private) within the Organization.

Admin Area

Anyone with the Admin or Owner role can access the Admin area by clicking on the Organization name in the bottom left.