Dashboard Overview

Your Dashboard

Your dashboard is where your boards and team are organized. You can navigate through it using the left navigation panel.
In your dashboard, you can create boards, view recent boards, join or create workspaces and invite new team members.
Navigate between workspaces with the left menu

All Boards

The All Boards view is the default landing page in your dashboard. From here you can see all the boards you’ve visited or have access to within your organization space. Use the filters in the top right to view your boards or everyone's boards in the Account.
You can create boards using the buttons at the top.
Any boards created in All Boards can be accessed by anyone in the Account.
Accounts on a paid plan or trial can move boards to private workspaces.
Your boards are ordered by most recently visited, handy that.

Private Boards

Your Private Boards area is a private workspace that only you can access.
You can invite people to private boards, but all visitors join a waiting room and "knock" to request access to the board - you must be on the board when they request access. If you want your boards to be automatically editable by others, move the board to a shared workspace.
Private Boards is only available to Accounts on a paid plan.

Legacy Dashboard

The Legacy Dashboard link takes you back to v1 - the first version of Metro Retro. It will only be displayed if you have used v1 in the past.

Template Library

Here you can preview and use all the standard and custom templates in your Organization.
Teams on a paid plan can place their own boards in the Template Library. Any boards placed in the Template Library will be available to everyone in the Organization to use as a custom template.

Live Now

The Live Now view shows you the active boards and team members in your space. Boards you do not have access to (like Private boards) will not be displayed here.


Workspaces are how you organize your teams and boards. They can be open (public) or hidden (private) within the Organization.
Workspaces are available on all plans, except for the Free plan.

Admin Area

Anyone with the Admin or Owner role can access the Admin area by clicking on the Organization name in the bottom left.