Template Library

Whether you're looking for a template for your next meeting, or just need a spark of inspiration, Metro Retro has a range of pre-made templates available to use instantly.

You can preview all templates in the Template Library, accessed from the left menu. All standard templates are listed in their categories, and you can preview each board in full before using it.

In addition, teams on paid plans can add their own custom templates to the Template Library.

Finding and using templates

All templates are available to view and use in the Template Library. Click into one of the categories to view the associated templates:

Click a template to preview it:

Click the prompt at the top of the screen to create an editable board from this template:

Boards created from the Template Library are added to the Default workspace, which is accessible to all team members of your Organization. Move the board to a workspace if you need to restrict access.

Adding custom templates to the Template Library

If your Account is on a paid plan, you can add your own boards and folders to the Template Library for everyone in your Account to use. All boards and folders in the Template Library will be displayed when creating boards in workspaces:

To add a custom board to the Template Library, simply publish a board to templates when in Design Mode. Alternatively:

  1. Copy the URL of a board that you want to make a template of

  2. Go to Template Library and enter an existing folder or create a new one

  3. Select 'Add Template', then paste the board URL and save.

  4. The board is cloned to create the custom template. Note - this is a one-time snapshot clone, so any changes you make to the original board will not affect the template.

  5. This custom template will now be available for everyone in the Account to use when they create a board.

How to update a custom template

You can update a custom template by editing the source board and republishing the template when in Design mode.

Who has access to the Template Library?

Anyone in the Account, except for Guests, can access the Template Library.

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