Organize your teams and boards
Boards, folders and team in a workspace
You store your boards in Workspaces. Anyone can create a workspace, and a workspace can have any number of members.
We suggest creating a workspace per team, as well as a workspace per department. For example, a workspace for the Agile Coaches and a workspace for the Product Managers. You can also create personal workspaces.
Public workspaces are visible to everyone and can be joined by anyone within your Organization.
Private Workspaces are only visible to the members of that Workspace (and Admins), and require an existing workspace member to invite others to give them access.
Boards in a public workspace can be joined instantly by anyone in the organization, whereas access must be granted to a board in a private workspace for non-workspace members.
Your Workspaces are displayed in the middle of the left panel.
Click on a Workspace to view inside it, or click on the '+' button next to the Workspaces title to see all available public workspaces. From here you can also create a new Workspace.
Private workspaces are hidden, so you must be added by an existing member to join it.
Using the workspace browser
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