Organize your teams and boards with workspaces

Use Workspaces to organize your team boards:

How to use Workspaces

We suggest creating a workspace per team, as well as a workspace per department.

For example, make a workspace for each devliery team, plus a workspace for the Agile Coaches, and a workspace for the Product Managers... etc. You can also create personal workspaces.

Who can create Workspaces?

Any team member can create a workspace, and can invite any number of members.

Workspace members can invite other people, as well as rename, move, clone, and delete workspace boards.

Note - only Admins can remove workspace members and delete workspaces. Do this from the Workspace Management.

Workspace Privacy

Public workspaces are visible to everyone and can be joined by anyone within your Organization.

Private Workspaces are only visible to the members of that Workspace (and Admins), and require an existing workspace member to invite others to give them access.

Boards in a public workspace can be joined instantly by anyone in the organization, whereas boards in a private workspace are protected by default.

Viewing your Workspaces

The Workspaces you belong to are displayed in the left menu.

Click on a Workspace to view it, or click on the '+' button next to the Workspaces title to see all available public workspaces. From here you can also create new Workspaces.

Note - private workspaces are hidden from this list.

Create a Workspace

Create a Workspace from the Workspace Browser. Give it a name and description, and choose whether the Workspace is public or private.

Note: Admins can see and access both public and private workspaces.

Join a Workspace

Joining a Public Workspace

Anyone in the Organization can see and join a public workspace, using the workspace browser:

Joining a Private Workspace

Because Private Workspaces are hidden from the Workspace browser, you must be added by an existing member. Ask them to invite you to the Workspace.

Inviting People to a Workspace

Invite other people to your workspace:

Admins can see and enter Private workspaces without needing an invite.

Leave a Workspace

A member can leave a workspace by clicking the 'Leave' button in the Workspace browser, or from inside the Workspace. Only Admins can remove other people from a workspace, from the Workspace Management.


Use Folders to further organize boards in your Workspace.

  • Folders are only one level. You cannot create sub-folders (folders in folders).

  • There is no limit on the number of folders in a Workspace.

  • There is no limit on the number of boards in a folder.

  • Folders can be re-named by any workspace member.

  • Folders can be deleted. If there are any boards inside a folder when it is deleted, the boards will be moved to the root of the Workspace.

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