Differences between v1 and v2

If you're coming from the original version of Metro Retro (v1), this page gives you a quick run-through of the differences.

Metro Retro: the digital whiteboard for productive & fun collaboration!

Metro Retro is your perfect team collaboration tool. You can:

  • Run all your workshops and meetings

  • Use the new tools and templates to collect and organize input from the group.

  • Organize your teams and boards in a secure dashboard

What's New?

v2 is a complete overhaul of Metro Retro and is a separate application to v1.

  • Host controls - run your meeting like a pro!

  • New & upgraded tools for collaborative work.

  • New ways to customize your board layout.

  • Team dashboards with workspaces.

  • Upgrade to paid plans for unlimited use, free guests, and advanced features.

  • Lots of other very cool stuff - too much to list here! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

How to import your v1 boards to v2

You can import a copy of your v1 boards to your v2 account.

From the top of the "All Boards" screen in your dashboard, or from the top of any workspace, click the dropdown and select "Import Legacy Boards". Choose the v1 boards you want to import and copies will be created immediately and displayed in your dashboard.

An improved template system

There is a new template system for a variety of workshops and meetings.

Laying out custom templates is easier - you can now drag & drop images, create shapes and arrows, with layer management, rotation, sizing, styles and nesting.

New tools and ways to run meetings๐ŸŽ‰

Probably the best updates to Metro Retro - the new tools are designed for creativity and collaboration. Look out for the marker pen, tokens, index cards, task cards and more.

Your New Dashboard ๐Ÿคน

Your boards are now stored in your dashboard, and can be accessed by all team members.

Accounts on paid plans have access to Workspaces, with privacy settings, folders, and sorting.

Your dashboard also shows you who is online right now and which boards are currently hosting meetings.

v2 has upgraded security and access options, including SSO, Access Permissions, and invite approvals.

Your Account:

You use the same login details for both v1 and v2.

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